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Watch Winding Specifications

Chronoswiss Watches Logo

Chronoswiss is a Swiss (formerly German) watch manufacturer in operation since 1984. In 1982 the watchmaker Gerd-Rüdiger Lang founded this company in Munich. Chronoswiss is specialized on mechanical wristwatches with Swiss quality movements by ETA as well as on the basis of old calibre stocks by Enicar and Marvin.

Balance Chrono Both 650
Cabrio ETA 2670 Both 650
Chronograph Rattrapante C.732 CW 800
Chronograph with Split Second Timer C.732 CW 800
Chronometer Automatic ETA 2892-A2 BO Both 650
Chronometer Chronograph: CH 7521C, 7522C, 7523C C.754 or C.741 CW 800
Chronometer Chronograph w/black dial face: CH 7523C SW C.954 or C.741 CW 800
Chronometer Chronograph w/date: CH 7523 CD C.741C CW 800
Chronoscope C.125 CCW 800
Chronoscope Compteur Minutes CCW 800
Chronoscope Sonder Edition CCW 800
Classic Chronograph CW 800
Delphis C.124 CCW 800
Delphis Ref CH-1423-bk CCW 800
Ewinger Kalender Ref CH-1723-bK CCW 800
Grand Lunar C.755 CW 800
Grand Opus C.741S CW 800
Grand Pacific 43mm Both 650
Grand Pacific 43mm blue Both 650
Grand Regulateur Chronometre CW 820
Imperator ETA 2892-A2 Both 650
Imperia ETA 2000-1 Both 650
Kairos ETA 2892-2 Both 650
Kairos Chronograph C.753 CW 800
Kairos Ladies ETA 2000-1 CW 650
Kairos Medium Diamonds ETA 2892-A2 Both 650
Kairos Regulateur CCW 800
Klassik Chronograph C.741 CW 800
Lunar Both 650
Lunar Chronograph C.755 CW 800
Lunar Grand Chronograph CW 800
Lunar Vollkalender Both 650
Lunar Triple Date C.931 Both 650
Opus Chronograph C.741S CW 800
Opus Chronograph DLC CW 800
Opus Grand Chronograph CW 800
Opus Skeleton Chronograph C.741S CW 800
Opus Skeleton Chronograph DLC CW 800
Orea Automatique C.121 CCW 800
Orea Lady Both 650
Pacific 40mm Both 650
Pacific 40mm blue Both 650
Pacific 100 27.5mm ETA 2671 Both 650
Pacific 100 38.5mm ETA 2892/2 Both 650
Pacific 100 Chronograph ETA 7750 CW 800
Pacific Chronograph 2010 CW 800
Pathos C.732S CW 800
Perpetual Calendar C.127 Both 650
Rattrapante C.732 CW 800
Régulateur 30th Anniversary CCW 800
Régulateur Automatique C.122 CCW 800
Régulateur Medium C.122 CCW 650-950
Répétition à Quarts Ref CH-1641-R C.126 CCW 800
Sirius Automatik Both 650
Sirius Balance Chrono CW 820
Sirius Gold Both 650
Sirius Medium CH-8921-R Both 650
Sirius Retrograde Day CH-8121-R ds Both 650
Sirius Steel Both 650
Sirius Triple Date C.931 Both 650
Sirius Vollkalender CH-90341-R Both 650
Tachoscope - Audi Centennial C.125 CCW 650-950
Timemaster Automatique ETA 2892-A2 Both 650
Timemaster Big Date Both 650
Timemaster Big Date Blue Both 650
Timemaster Chronograph Date C.754 CW 800
Timemaster Chronograph Day Date CH-9043-B-db / bk CW 800
Timemaster Chronograph GMT, S-RAY 007 CW 800
Timemaster Chronograph Skeleton CH-9043-SB-bk / si CW 800
Timemaster Flyback Chronograph C.763 CW 800
Timemaster GMT C.751 CW 800
Timemaster Singapore GP 2013 CW 800
Timemaster Split Second CW 800
Tora C.123 CCW 800
Tora Chronograph C.743 CW 800
Wristmaster C.751 Refined ETA 2892-A2 CW 800

If ever you are unable to find your watch model in this table, here's an easy way to determine the winding requirements for your CHRONOSWISS watches.

  • Select the combined winding mode (CW+CCW) and the minimal number of turns per day (TPD).
  • Place your watch into the winder and check after a few days how accurate your watch shows the time.
  • If it runs behind, it is necessary to increase the number of TPD by one increment.

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