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Watch Winding Specifications

Jean Marcel Watch Logo

JEAN MARCEL trace back to the beginnings of the watch company GENGENBACH that was a manufacturer of wristwatches issuing originally from the so-called „city of gold“ Pforzheim since the 1920s. JEAN MARCEL watch is based on the use of high-precision Swiss-made movements as well as sophisticated, handcrafted cases, watch dials and hands.

Astrum Chrono CW 800
Astrum Date Both 650
Astrum Day Date Both 650
Astrum Vertical Limit CW 800
Aura Automatic Ladies w/diamonds: 260.070.45 ETA 2671 Both 650
Chronographs: 160.145.52, 160.165.26/65/85/95, 161.165.26, 360.145.52 Valjoux 7750 CW 800
Chronographs: 163.170.22 Valjoux 7751 CW 800
Clarus Both 650
Clarus Chrono Ref16025052 CW 800
Clarus Chrono Ref17025055 CW 800
Clarus Chrono Ref56025032 CW 800
Clarus DayDate Both 650
Clarus Ref56025052 Limited CW 800
Clarus Ref96025032 CW 800
Classic Collection: 160.155.26/33/53, 175.155.23, 360.155.26/33/53 ETA 2671 Both 650
Classic Collection: 160.57.26, 175.157.26 ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Classic Collection: 160.166.32 910 Both 650
Classic Collection: 160.167.22 915 Both 650
Elipce Vertical Limited CW 800
Gravis Chronograph Big Date Flyback: 360.172.45 Valjoux 7750 CW 800
Idem Automatic: 160.148.56 ETA 2834-2 Both 650
Magnum Tonneau Valjoux 7750 CW 800
Mona Lisa ETA 2671 Both 650
Mystery: 160.149.35/55/65, 160.158.35/65, 160.164.35/55, 160.168.65, 161.149.75, 161.164.75 ETA 2824 Both 650
Quadrum Both 650
Ratio Chronograph: 160.165.35 Valjoux 7750 CW 800
Round Traditional: 160.154.26, 160.163.26/35, 160.169.35/56, 161.163.26, 161.169.56, 360.154.53 ETA 2824-2 Both 650
Round Traditional: 160.148.36/56 ETA 2834-2 Both 650
Round Traditional: 160.150.26/53. 161.150.26/53, 360.150.53, 361.150.53 ETA 2688 Both 650
Round Traditional: 160.015.026 Both 650
Round Traditional: 360.154.53 ETA 2892-2 Both 650
Round Traditional: 360.055.33, 360.062.26, 361.062.26 ETA 2892-2 Both 650
Semper Automatic ETA 2834-2 Both 650
Semper Chronograph CW 800
Semper Chronograph Flyback JM A 12 CW 800
Semper Chronograph Moon Phase JM A 17 CW 800
Semper Power Reserve JM A 21 Both 650
Targa 911 Valjoux 7750 CW 800

If ever you are unable to find your watch model in this table, here's an easy way to determine the winding requirements for your JEAN MARCEL watches.

  • Select the combined winding mode (CW+CCW) and the minimal number of turns per day (TPD).
  • Place your watch into the winder and check after a few days how accurate your watch shows the time.
  • If it runs behind, it is necessary to increase the number of TPD by one increment.

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